View Full Version : More Pacific Promos

05-07-2008, 05:16 PM
Hi all,

Pacific has another strong promo going, this one has 3 nice opportunities. Details on each is available by going here: www.worldpokercrown.com/?sr=391862 (http://www.worldpokercrown.com/?sr=391862). Then click on "Vote to win...", the 3 offers which will surely overlay very well are at the bottom of that page. Among other prizes, 4 17k WSOP prizes will be given away. None of the tournaments have a buy-in of more than $1. The first event is May 8th so don't delay. Again heres the link for more info: www.worldpokercrown.com/?sr=391862 (http://www.worldpokercrown.com/?sr=391862).

Note that you don't need to have signed up through RBN to be eligible for these offers. However by using our links you are making yourself eligible for all future private Pacific events that we'll be running, which I hope will be both frequent and of great value.