View Full Version : Pokerstars W$ for sale - last day of SCOOP

04-12-2009, 01:32 AM
Sunday night, at 16:30 ET, Pokerstars holds three massive NL tournaments:
1) 1mln guaranteed, $109 freezout
2) 3mln guaranteed, $1050 freezout
3) 5mln guaranteed, $10300 freezout

While I'm not even 10% rich enough or brain-damaged enough to gamble 10k on a single tournament, I'm looking at possibly playing the 1k, and definitely will play the 100. Having gone 4-5 hours deep on multiple occasions this SCOOP series I can afford to take a shot.

The reason I'm posting this, is I've gotten lucky in a satellite, and now have 2-3k W$ for sale. These are special money units, used for WSOP/WCOOP/SCOOP/EPT buy ins, and any Pokerstars satellites to either of those. You can buy into any SCOOP event - such as tonight - for regular USD, or for W$. Payouts are in real USD, and can be gambled in any Pokerstars tournament or cash game, or cashed out immediately.

The usual rate for them is $95-96 for W$100, but last two weeks its up to $98-99 for W$100 because of the SCOOP (it stands for Spring Cup of Online Poker, I think).

My offer is $2850 for W$3000, or $97 for W$100 if the amount is any smaller. It's a steal. I might not have 3k available come tournament time, so PM me several hours in advance if you want the W$. You'll need to have cash available on Pokerstars to make the safe trade through the client.

AIM: DimychNL

P.S. Two hours prior to the three Main Event tournaments, Event 13 takes place... it's HU knockout matches, NL holdem, with buyins of $270 - $2600 - $25500 (if you like playing PeteEastgate, KidPoker and ElkY, lol). Perhaps some of you shorthanded HE sharks should take a shot.