View Full Version : RBN Bodog WSOP Qualifiers: May 26th and 31st

05-21-2009, 09:36 AM
We're running two $5.50 buy in WSOP Main Event Qualifiers with Bodog and Parttimepoker.com. Both of which will have a bunch of money added. If you're looking to get into the Main Event Bodog is a nice option. Their satties tend to overlay so value is good. Expect a more personalized experience than if you were to qualify with a bigger site, as well as better parties.

You don't need to be signed up through RBN to play the events, but if you don't yet have an account go here to get on a Special VIP program that can't be posted about publicly: http://www.rakebacknation.com/bodog/

Event #1: Part Time Poker WSOP Fast-Track
Tuesday May 26th at 7:05pm eastern
$5.50 Buy-in
T$29 Guaranteed for each of the top 4 spots - You're expected to use the T29 for 'Flight Club - Last Chance' events on Sunday evenings (6:45pm, 7pm and 7:15pm est).
password: finaltable
Min Players for event to start: 5

Event #2: WSOP Part Time Poker Qualifier
Sunday May 31st at 1:05pm eastern
$5.50 Buy-in
T$270 Guaranteed - You're expected to use these for the 4 seat WSOP Main Event Satellite with 4 Seats Guaranteed
password: bubble
Min Players for event to start: 5

05-21-2009, 09:38 AM
a few more pics. If you intend to play, please register early.