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01-28-2011, 04:18 AM
Hello Everyone,

Ok so here as of late I've been playing in a lot of live cash games. ranging from 50 Nl to 200 Nl. I'm doing well in most of the games but there is this one game I just cannot seem to beat and its driving me crazy.

1/2 $ game: The players in this game are all very weak, most of which really know nothing at all about poker. The problem I'm having is they limp constantly. Some raise here and there but the majority of the time its limp limp limp. Now I know some of there range but others I do not because of the range of hands they are limping.

For example:
An older gentleman raised 4x bb with 88 in mid position. But he limped AA and AJ, Aq and Ak in the same positions throughout the day. Another time he raised AA. Thats all I seen from him as far as raising goes.

The same goes for other players as well. They limped Ak AQ AJ,A10, KQ, Kj throughout the day.

My question is how do I deal with these guys. Often times I try isolating in position and get three callers. Other times I iso in position and get one caller.

Hand example:

I've got K10 hearts on BTN. One limper and I raise 4x bb or 8$. blinds fold, limper calls.

Flops: Q54 off, one heart. He checks, I C-bet 14$... Player flats. Turn: Ace heart. He bets 12 $... I flat. River: K spade... He checks and I bet 25 $ and he Flats... He turns up AQ off... I'm perplexed. :huh:

What, if anything did I do wrong here and how do I deal with these types of players ?

Thanks to anyone who offers advice in advance, as I really need help with this . . .:(



01-28-2011, 04:53 AM
Just keep punishing the fish in position and C betting all day. Of course do this with good starting hands and suited connector type hands. Also its okay to limp in with them with say a small pair 2s-6s and sometime like a J9s type of hand. But for the most part just punish them in position and always open the pot up with a raise yourself never open limp. If you are punishing the limpers but you find too many people calling either make it more $$$ to go or simply tighten up your "punishing" to more premium hands. Just my 2 cents...I remember leatherass telling me that $2,000nl live is comparable to $200nl online. So you can imagine what $200nl live is comparable to online...maybe like $20nl...naw probably even lower than that with all the limpers live lol.

Also that hand you posted I would have probably raised the turn with a flush draw and gutter...but as played why the hell did you bet the river with a very showdownable hand? That is a definate check and take showdown with a second pair of kings.


01-28-2011, 09:47 AM
Two key points :
1. Play dominating hands.
2. Pick a betsize that thins the field. You want < 4 players to a flop.

01-28-2011, 12:38 PM
In your hand example, i play it the same as you did, but, i definetly dont bet the river.

The game you explained is my kind of game. There isnt much agression and i am the most agressive player at the table.

If i am playing with lots of limpers, then i limp along with them. I get to play more hands as well, as my opening range is broadened. Its after the flop where i now become more agressive, but, only when i have the goods.

Nothing feels better then some guy limping with his ace king and u get to see the flop cheaply with your small pocket pairs and u hit a set on the flop, with an ace or a king coming along with it. Hes basically drawing dead with a hand he will put a lot of chips into the pot with.

I like playing small pot poker post flop.

where is this game, deal me in.

03-23-2011, 12:26 PM
Playing against a table full of loose-passive players that don't adjust is a dream.

First thing to say is that you keep increasing your preflop raise until they stop limp-calling. Your goal when raising preflop is either to take down the blinds and limps there and then, or to be heads-up - preferably in position, obviously. If people keep limp-calling with worse hands than you then punish them by raising what would be silly amounts online 8xBB, 10xBB - whatever it takes. Just keep increasing the amount until they 'get it'.

Secondly, don't deviate from ABC poker pre-flop. Only premium hands out of position; drawing hands only in position. Be patient. Limping with small pp or small suited connectors is ok but be prepared to be at the sucky end of set over set and such. Personally I don't think you give up that much edge by doing without, and the sweat when the pot gets big is much less that way (cos you've got the nuts, or near).

Thirdly, top pair (and worse) go way down in value vs people who play post-flop loose-passively for all sorts of reasons; so value bet it some, sure, but don't be surprised when he flips over a weird two pair his line gave no clue of. And any river card can spike him two-pair, mind.

Fourthly, the huge edge you have over a group of loose-passive players is that they have totally handed over control of the pot size to you. Make maximum use of that! That means make the pot big when you have the edge (set+), and keep it small when you don't.

Here's how I'd play your sample hand differently:

- You C-Bet the flop - I wouldn't bother. No need to balance your play as they don't adjust, remember. Keep the pot small unless you know you have the edge, remember.

- Turn I call. You now have straight and flush draws and implied odds are huge. If he's got a set and you spike the nuts on the river you could stack him - and by having kept the pot small with no flop bet, your ROI, so to speak, is that much higher.

- River I check behind.

Yeah, it's a passive line, but that's the way to do it with a group of loose-passives that are unthinkingly handing control of the pot-size over to you. You want to take advantage of that in both directions, so to speak.
The problem with such players, as I say, is that they can have anything. His betting the Ace on the turn would be enough to stop me value betting the river for sure.

03-24-2011, 06:16 PM
Cainer, elasto and Adam made great suggestions. My favorite part of Cainers post was where is this game, DEAL ME IN! Is this usually FR or SH?

FR table full of passive limpers + passive post flop = Play any PP, Big SC's in any position, but no reason to raise. Enjoy being able to set mine from any position on the cheap. In position your range is super wide, but don't see much reason to betting PF.

Same scenario SH table raise it up relentlessly, but as elasto mentioned make it absurd like 8-10bbs. This is probably worth trying at FR, but obviously feel it out.