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bill d dog
05-08-2011, 07:45 PM
lucky ladies

sat morn I got home from work at 350am
I quickly sat down & bought a 4am nosebleed mini (19 player) tourn seat
I was a bit concerned about the chunk of my bankroll that the buy-in represented-
but there was some added value
I had poker chips for eyes....I wanted to gamble!!!
“4am vancouver canada”......
“but I guess this turbo format wont take too long to play down”
I was lookin for an opportunity to either double up or go to bed
but I lost a big hand & was cold carded
as the blinds reached 150 I was down about 25% of my stack (1500 down to 1150)
I limped J9 suited
a J flopped & the turn was a 9
the board was pretty soft – unless some1 was on a miracle set or straight
my 2 pair was lookin pretty good
I pushed the river & got called by AJ
double up & back in the game!!!!
a couple hands later I pushed queens
the flop set & I was away to the races
over about 10 hands I railed 3 players-
& took the chip lead (7500) as we went to final table
couple more players bow out & a seeming strong player takes the lead
the blinds are gigantic (300-600)
I bluff k8 suits in position
the big blind tanks & then calls with kq
I lose 25% of my stack
“nice call” – the big stack
I fume... & stew...
I battle away in the top 3 – & the 4th place bubble bursts
“im just happy to make the money! – after this its gravy”
I take a hit & im the short stack
Q9 on the button – flop q pair – turn trip
I cripple, then rail, the 2nd place player (my earlier bad bluff nemesis)
& re-take the lead
we go into a high speed 10-15 minute heads up battle - about 40 hands
neither of us wants to give an inch
I am not a heads up player
he is looser, hes hittin, & he has an edge on me
he has about 3/4 of the chips
the blinds are high - ive only got a few bets left
I raise A4 suits – he calls
k8 flops – he checks & I bluff all-in (representing a K)
he calls – flippin an 8
I hit runner runner nut flush & re-take the lead
a few hands later - I think its snowmen that hold up for me
I raise my hand victorious – “YES!!!!”
I go to bed @ 5am – all vibed out on adrenalin
get up after 8 to go back to the office
chelsea smile & the lost art of keeping a secret

always brag about your tournament victories
but never let on that sometimes ur winnings are thousands of pennies-
not thousands of dollars
($1.10 buy-in – $12.50 first place – lol)
songs about secrets

chelsea smile
the lost art of keeping a secret
are a couple of my favorite songs – youtube em
back to reality - o there goes gravity

last nite played 3 - double up - sit n gos
doubled up on all 3
6 sit n gos & mini tourns