View Full Version : Made me laugh at my luck

12-08-2011, 07:44 AM
Currently on downswing. After countless amounts of bad beats and coolers and tilty plays by myself I get this.

Sorry for no handhistory, High Pulse doesnt save them :/

So I got AA, opened and got one call. Flop comes something like A74r. So top set with AA, gg. No value coming this way once again. Dry flop so I just check back and hope he will catch something on later streets. Turn comes with 6 and it brings flush draw. Villain checks again and I bet it. For my suprise I get checkraised. Dont judge me was my raise here right or wrong, anyway I raise he shoves and I snapcall. He shows 66 and you can pretty much guess what was river :D

Few days before had same situation with KK. KQ hits Q on turn, goes broke there and catches Q on river. fml.

EDIT: sweet, first post ever on this forum and it is in bad beat section. I am so pathetic :D