View Full Version : VP247 $300 Freeroll is Saturday at 3pm est

10-17-2007, 10:06 PM
Many of you probably received an email from us about this. I received a pretty weak response, theres exactly 20 people signed up, and not all will actually show up Saturday. So this has a good value. You need to get your info to me be 1pm eastern time Thursday, so if you're interested, sign up right away. :D

And don't worry, no-one in this tournament will be using a "superuser" account. Anyways, here are the details:

There will be a $300 NL Holdem freeroll for Rake Back Nation VP247
members on October 20th at 3pm Eastern. 18 spots will pay. All RBN
VP247 customers are welcome. If you don't already have a Vegas Poker
24-7 account, you can register here:

No deposit required.

VP247 is a great way to get a rakeback (30%) on the Absolute Poker

To be added to the freeroll, send your VP247 email address and player
name to rob@rakebacknation.com by October 18th at 1pm eastern. I will give you
further instructions.

Its ok if you have an existing VP account that setup through RBN, but if you're opening a new one it should be with us :food-smiley-004: .