View Full Version : RBN Sun Promotion

11-30-2007, 04:09 PM
1. Signup at Sun Poker through RBN: http://www.rakebacknation.com/sun-poker/
2. Get a 40-50% Rakeback based on net rake.
3. Get monthly deposit bonuses that aren't deducted from your net rake. You have a choice of 4: http://sunpoker.com/promotions/promo_OSB.a...j2j7i6&pc=2 (http://sunpoker.com/promotions/promo_OSB.asp?id=222421&vid=q4g4g4i5i4x3x5q4w7j2j7i6&pc=2).
4. Rake $500 in December and get a $115 bonus. Again, its not deducted from anything.

Its a sweet RB deal for non-US players. The 'net rake' is a bit confusing. Basically thats their way of deducting deposit fees and deposit bonuses from your rake. So take your total rake and deduct 22.5% from it across the board to get your actual rakeback. So its really ~31-38.75% rakeback depending on your tier.

They use the rakeshare method; its a cryptologic network room.