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04-09-2006, 11:54 PM
Hey, just thought I'd start a topic so we might be able to compare some of the games from various locations.

Oklahoma has had legal poker for about 18 months now with several casinos offering poker rooms. Cherokee Casino (just on the outer edge of Tulsa) seems to be the best room in the state with 35 tables -- at some times with games on every one on the weekends. The common games they offer there vary from $4/8 limit to $2/5 NL to a very sleepy $1/5 stud game. The most common game at this time is the $1/2 NL (min $100, max $200 buy-in) which has virtually taken over the room.

From my somewhat limited experience in various poker rooms (besides Oklahoma: Tunica, Kansas City and Vegas), I think the play there is rather mixed. While there are some very solid and tough players, on the lower-limit games you'll find a majority of bad players. Surprisingly, sometimes the bigger $2/5 NL game ($200 min buy-in, no max) and the $5/10 NL game ($500 min buy-in, no max) offer good opportunities as well. A few of the regulars in those games will chase draws almost regardless of the price.

(Ex: During on $5/10 NL hand, the preflop raise from a solid player was to $60. Two callers. The flop was a J-5-6 rainbow. The pre-flop raiser opened for $50. The next player called. The last player raised to $150. The pre-flop raiser pushed all-in -- about $3k! While doing so, he flashed the JJ he held ... don't ask me why. The middle player folded ... and the last player called ... with 47o! The JJ held but only after sweating a bit.)

The up-and-coming game there is PL Omaha (high-only). Most of the time, they get a $1/2 PL game spread but, when it's busy (as it was during the Oklahoma State Poker Championships), they'll get a larger game. I watched a $10/25 PL game that week (from my best count, stacks were around $15-30k) and heard a $10/25/50 PL game went on for a while as well.

Personally, I stick to the $1/2 NL and $2/5 NL games as I'm not solid enough (yet) at PL Omaha to be a consistent winner. Anyone want to recommend any good literature on PL Omaha?

Overall, I find the play fairly loose and aggressive in the casinos in which I've played in Oklahoma. Anyone else played in the state yet?

04-26-2006, 08:31 PM
I live in California which is dubbed as the hold'em capitol of the world. We have the biggest card room in the world commerce casino. The 3/6 and 4/8 limit hold'em game are nuts. We also have the bicycle casino which is another WPT stop. They just recently add kill games to hold'em and the low limits starting at 2/4. There is also Hawaiian Gardens, Hollywood Park and Hustler. We also have are share of indian reservations that spread games.

The great thing in California is there is always a game. At commerce on a friday or saturday night they have over 100 tables going of hold'em.

02-25-2008, 06:14 PM
*about the commerce SOFT and CRAZY those cats will call with anything, dont take to bluffing!!

Ok, so I live in Las Vegas so this thread could get really looong for me, how about this, if you want info on a vegas casino (at least from my point of view) just post on this thread asking and I will respond :)

02-26-2008, 05:01 AM
If you want a nice place to stay for free in LA. The Crystal park casino is giving away a free room for 5 hours of play. Planning on going there next week with my wife. They do this every so often.

The best casino I have ever played at is in Cresent City, CA. (Elk Valley Casino) They have a no juice tourny every night and a $2 rake with no jackpot drop for their cash games, they even have a small bad beat jackpot that the house funds. This was 2 years ago so I don't know if they have raised the rake, but $2 with no jackpot drop is almost like getting 50% rakeback.

12-16-2008, 09:23 AM
I live in Ontario, Canada so I haven't played in the casinos you're talking about. I play the $5/$5 NL game at Fallsview. If there's any other Canadians on this site or if you ever go to Niagara Falls for a vacation, the games are good here. Also, about the omaha books, I read two when I first started learning. "Championship Omaha" was okay I'd say, but "Winner's Guide To Omaha Poker" was a pretty good book in my opinion.