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Thread: Flopping two pair on awkward board

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    Yep, I think I'm a couple more kicks in the teeth off reaching the same conclusion
    If you don't make mistakes, you're doing it wrong.
    If you don't correct those mistakes, you're doing it really wrong.
    If you can't accept you're mistaken, then your not doing it at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GottaFold View Post
    I think it's more of a close decision, but I lean towards folding as well. I think if you raise preflop with the AT it plays better. An arguament can be made for not raising it in early position, but if you don't wanna raise then I say just muck it. I'm not a fan of limping.
    Yeh agreed, was called mid posish though.

    Out of interest where is everybodys cut off point for A10 on a 9man table? I fold A9 in nearly every position. And while we're at it why not the same for AJ? lol

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    Why the heck are you folding A9/A10 in nearly every position? If you have a big stack, imo, you should be raising A8+ from middle position (only when the blinds are significantly high). You should be stealing blinds with these hands and trying to outplay people on the board when you are called. Often you'll get flat called by better hands, but if you have position on a caller from the blinds and you both miss, he'll most often fold to a c-bet. If you raise from mid-position and get called by the button or cut-off, then be more cautious. If you're raised and you have a big stack, simply fold it.

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    oh, and even early, there's nothing wrong with open raising A9/A10 from the cut-off and button.

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