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Thread: is Oddsmaker a scam?

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    Default is Oddsmaker a scam?

    ive been playing on Oddsmaker for a year or 2. i got the 50$ sign up bonus in the mail. is Oddsmaker a scam? do the players never get to cash out? has anyone had a successful withdraw from them?

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    sorry its been so long without an update. almost quit playing there. i went on a crazy, bad beat, loosing spree and still havent cashed out yet. i have come across another american player that said they allow one cash out, a month, without a fee. i just placed 2nd in an 11$ mtt, so gonna give it a go. weird that nobody replies to this post, with so many US players there.

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    while attempting to cash out, im given 3 options... ach (with a cost of 25$), bank wire (with a cost of 30$), and priority check (with a cost of 45$). customer service says only vip players receive free payouts. minimum of 50$ and up to 4000$ a week.

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    ach not available in ny,ky,ma,wa,md,mo.

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    Oddsmaker doesn't have a very good reputation:

    don't have personal experience with them.

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    Finally got my withdraw on the 25th. took over a month. i had to send in documents, that took me about a week. emails were going to junk file. what i like about the poker site is, the winning percentages shown during showdowns and the cool smileys. very steep 25$ withdraw fee and no rakeback tho. happy to receive my funds .

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    Oddspoker has shut down their poker site. They changed there minimum withdraw to 200$ so anyone with less can not request withdraw. I made a withdraw request for 291$ last week. They not only denied my request, they confiscated all my funds. They said they changed the policy to not allow withdraws if a player had not made a deposit and the funds are now forfeit. Very long argument as I had already made a withdraw but in the end they are keeping my money. Oddsmaker/ oddspoker not to be trusted!

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