I got this approved by Rob to post here....

I have some time been wanting to start some kind of affiliate business. I do have a job, I do work, but I would like poker and poker related business like affiliates to be my full time job. This is what im looking for:

I am looking for one to two people who are willing to put some time in with me to one help with a business plan to start. I need people with technical background and possible coding for buiding websites. I am not asking for any money up front. The plan would be to be partners. I have researched and gotten advice from Rob. This can be done and Rob is willing to help as much as possible to make sure we get the legalities right. You do not have to necessarily have the skills listed about to take interest in this. I have many ideas and would like to make them come to light.

You can contact info is below;


My phone number is 2566013395
My skype is DamonCooz

Damon Cook
I have been a sub referral and prop for years, and if and when my businesses open, i will still work for rob on his propping sites.