See these links for information on what games are being played. If $200 is sold before first game starts, I will give a extra 1% to all players. I will Also put som eof the BIG10 tournaments in. Event has to sale out..

LInk 1; Original post, if you send money to one of Rob accounts to invest please post here....

*******If you can transfer through BCP or true you can send any amount, no minimum. Otherwise, there is still a $20 minimum. You may send look at the other links or all money ca be sent to robs account here.......................Event will be played but posibly modified if not sold out. See below for link/pie chart

110% Event, If I hit somethig....i mea when I hit something....if the event ends in the black, i get 10% for my work. This is going to be a 12-18 hour day I HOPE! The Warm up has already been removed from schedule so i could drop the amount of bankroll.

I play mostly cash games but crush MTTS. I play cash for the rakeback/prop status. Check me out on sharkscope or OPR, merge, RiversFlow

ACR mucktheptp
Stars payptp
Truepoker rbnrob
Switch rbnation

Feel free to contact me on skype damoncooz or private message me here. You can find me playing tonight on bcp isaidenuff