This was one of the rarest hands I was in and I will always remember it. I was at the casino in a 2/5 NL game. I had about $1500. +1 raises to $40, person right next to them calls, I'm on the button with 2's, I call as well. Small and big also call, big pot already pre. Flop comes out 3 - 2 - 5 with 2 spades. The original raiser puts out $120, person next to them calls. I put in a raise of $325, because too much was already out there on the flop to begin with. Small folds, big calls, okay, I say to myself, who's on what draw?

Turn is a 6. It gets checked to me, so I check because now the straight is there, just in case someone was slow playing. Last card a 3 of spades, okay, so someone hit that flush now. +1 pushes all in for about $900 left, the person next to them calls with a little less. I have them both covered, I thought about it for a minute...replayed how it went, and with so much money already in the pot, I decided to make the call. The other person folds. The original raiser turns over quads, other guy had 5's full, and I had 2's full. Sickest beat EEEVVVEEERRRRR!!!